Hi, this is Subham Datta from the Knott and today I am going to talk about a technology that can bring a revolutionary change to this world. But before I talk about this tech, we need to know what is the problem that this technology will solve?

The problem is Cancer, we all know that Cancer cells are dangerous but that is not exactly it is. Cancer cells are not dangerous but what they do is dangerous. In case of a normal cell, it divides, helps the organs to function and then dies but when it comes to cancer cells, they divide at a very fast rate. Cancer cells are unhealthy as they don’t help the organs to function and they also don’t die like a normal cell.

Therefore, Cancer cells don’t help the organs to function and due to damaged DNA, they just keep dividing without a stop until all your cells are cancerous.

So, to cure cancer, the most important step is to identify the cancerous cells which have proven to be very difficult. Presently, scientists are working on a special type of vaccine that will act depending on the type of cancer that the patient has. Scientists have discovered that a substance called neoantigens are found only on the surface of cancer cells.

These neoantigens are mutated molecules and they prove to be the ideal target for immunotherapy for their existence only on cancer cells. Computer Algorithms are now being utilized to help researchers select specific neoantigens that would be best to simulate the body’s T cells. Those neoantigens will then be synthesized and mixed with an adjuvant to stimulate immune response before injecting into the patient’s body.

Several tests have also been carried out with optimistic results. Six patients suffering from melanoma with a high risk of recurrence were treated at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In a trial made by Biopharmaceutical New Technologies (BioNTech) in Germany on 13 patients, and injected customised vaccines with up to 10 specific neoantigens and 8 out of 13 were cancer-free after 12-23 months.

Several pieces of research are being carried out to get a better understanding of the procedure. I hope things turn out well and we finally get a proper cure for cancer.

That’s all for this video. If you have any thoughts on Personalized Cancer Vaccine and how they can change the world, please share it in the comments section below.

Thank you and stay knotted!

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